Andhra Pradesh Gambling Laws

There are a few Indian states that consider gambling and betting to be the root of all evil and that the solution to the problem is to ban it completely.

Unfortunately, this is the case for Andhra Pradesh as well. Players are still gambling from the state, but they are doing so at their own risk.

We’ll take a closer look at the state of real money online gambling in Andhra Pradesh in this guide.

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How to gamble from Andhra Pradesh

Although it is technically possible to gamble from Andhra Pradesh using a mobile device and the internet, it’s today considered illegal to do so.

You can sign up and play at foreign online casino sites with the help of various software, but we don’t recommend it.

If you do, just know that you are doing so at your own risk.

The short and unfortunate answer is no. Gambling is not legal in Andhra Pradesh.

Usually, when gambling is illegal in an Indian state, there are loopholes in gambling with real money online. Archaic gambling laws simply don’t mention cyberspace or digital devices.

That said, Andhra Pradesh amended its gambling laws in 2020 to also include online gambling.

Although online gambling now is illegal, we have yet to find information about anyone being prosecuted for playing at a foreign online casino.

Gambling Laws in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh has been a state on its own since 2014 when Telangana separated itself from Andhra Pradesh.

AP kept their initial gambling act but with minor amendments the Andhra Pradesh of Gaming Act, 1974 was created.

The gaming act was initially very similar to other Indian states, clarifying the illegality of gaming houses and games of chance while allowing bets on horse racing.

This would change with the Andhra Pradesh Gaming (Amendment) Act, 2020.

Andhra Pradesh Gaming (Amendment) Act, 2020

As a result of increasing online gambling within AP during the COVID-19 pandemic, the state released an amendment to the existing gambling laws.

The amendment introduced prohibitions on the following:

  • All forms of online gambling and betting where real money is involved.
  • All forms of physical gambling and betting where real money is involved. The only exception to this is horse racing.

In other words, AP no longer differentiates between games of skill and games of chance. If anything is played with real money, it’s illegal.

Casino in Visakhapatnam

As you might have guessed, you will not find any casinos in the capital city Visakhapatnam.

As with pretty much all larger cities in India, there will be underground gaming houses where one can participate in gambling.

But be aware, these locations are illegal even to visit and are often connected to criminal organizations.

Casino in Amaravati

Just like with Visakhapatnam, a casino in Amaravati will be extremely hard to find, seeing as gambling and betting where real money is involved is illegal in the entire state.

Residents of Amaravati would do best to travel to a more liberal state like Kerala, where lottery is legal and online gambling is unregulated.

Lottery in Andhra Pradesh

And speaking of lottery, Andhra Pradesh is not part of the thirteen states offering state lottery. This is maybe not too surprising; Telangana doesn’t offer a lottery either.

Seeing as purchasing online lottery tickets, whether physically or online, involves real money, it is considered gambling and is, therefore, illegal.

Sports betting in Andhra Pradesh

Out of all Indian states and Union Territories, only Sikkim and Meghalaya have legalized sports betting. In Andhra Pradesh, no forms of betting are allowed, not even fantasy sports like Dream11.

Seeing as AP doesn’t differentiate between games of skill or chance, that’s not the reason why sports betting in Andhra Pradesh isn’t allowed.

It’s the exchange of money that creates issues in this state. You can still enjoy watching your favorite games and leagues legally; just not place bets on them.

Horse racing in Andhra Pradesh

Horse racing is a unique sport in India, as Indians are allowed to bet on it.

According to the Indian government, betting on Horse Racing is considered to require skill, and as such, is a game of skill.

As mentioned, AP doesn’t separate skill and chance, but they still allow horse racing. Bets can only be placed on the day of the race and can only be placed at the racecourse.

Status on Rummy, Poker, Flush, and other card games

Unsurprisingly, no card games can be played legally in Andhra Pradesh if money is involved.

It doesn’t matter if you are playing with your friends at home or via a mobile casino app; if players can win real money, it’s against the law.

That said, online casino sites often offer free versions of card games. You don’t even need an account to play these!

To sum it up

Andhra Pradesh has, with its most recent amendment, climbed to the top of the most restricted Indian states when it comes to online gambling.

Tamil Nadu and Telangana have made similar amendments, making it hard for Indian players to enjoy gambling from these locations.

We hope that states like these will come around and realize that there are other ways to curb gambling problems. Until then, gamblers from AP can still do so, albeit at their own risk.

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