Meghalaya Gambling Laws

Meghalaya, one of the Seven Sister States of India, becomes the third sister state to regulate gambling, joining Nagaland and Sikkim.

The regulation brings a lot of potential for legal gambling within the state, as the Meghalaya Regulation of Gaming Act, 2021 aims to regulate games of skill and games of chance.

Meghalaya is, with this regulation, one of the best Indian states for gambling!

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How to gamble from Meghalaya

Since the regulation is yet to commence fully, there are still some question marks regarding land-based casinos.

For example, in Sikkim, only foreigners are allowed to visit licensed land-based casino venues, something that recent news suggests will also be the case in Meghalaya.

That said, currently, according to their gambling laws, you can gamble from Meghalaya in the following ways:

  • By gambling at a licensed operator.
  • By playing at a foreign offshore online casino site.
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As of March 2021, gambling is legal in Meghalaya, thanks to the new gaming regulation! All types of games will be regulated, except for Teer and Lottery, which will still be regulated under the Meghalaya Regulation of the Game of Arrow Shooting and the Sale of Teer Tickets Act, 2018, and the Meghalaya Lottery (Regulation) Rules, 2019.

For you, this means that you can play online blackjack, online roulette, slots, Teen Patti, and much more, completely legally from the state. Even sports betting is allowed!

Keep in mind that the Meghalaya Regulation of Gaming Act, 2021, states that playing at unlicensed casinos or betting sites won’t be allowed.

However, no Indian player has been prosecuted for playing at a foreign online casino yet, so the risk of that happening is minimal.

Gambling Laws in Meghalaya

Three gambling laws apply in Meghalaya:

  • Meghalaya Regulation of Gaming Act, 2021
  • Meghalaya Regulation of the Game of Arrow Shooting and the Sale of Teer Tickets Act, 2018
  • Meghalaya Lottery (Regulation) Rules, 2019

The 2021 act replaces the previous act, the Meghalaya Prevention of Gambling Act, 1970.

With the 2021 gaming act, Indians who wish to operate gambling from Meghalaya can apply for a gambling license that will allow this.

Meghalaya Regulation of Gaming Act, 2021

Only Indian citizens of India or a legal entity incorporated in India can apply for a gambling license in Meghalaya. Each license is valid for five years, and licensees will be required to pay “Gaming Royalty.”

The Meghalaya Gaming Commission is responsible for monitoring licensees and making sure that they are compliant with the license. It’s also the Commission that issues new policies regarding games offered.

This gambling law also states that it’s not allowed to run a casino or offer games within the state without a license. Neither is it legal to play unlicensed games.

Casino in Shillong

State capital cities are always great areas to play from, and playing casino in Shillong is no exception!

Thanks to a good network of internet connections, you can play at some of India’s best online casino sites from here.

With a bit of luck, you’ll even be able to enjoy the best online casinos on the new Teteliya-Byrnihat train that connects Byrniha to Guwahati’s suburb Tetelia, planned to be completed by March 2022.

Casino in Cherrapunji

Finding good online casinos is as guaranteed as rainfall in Cherrapunji; local online casinos are only a few clicks away.

At the same time, foreign gambling websites like Pure Win and Casino Days are instantly available, offering some of the world’s best games, tables, and odds.

Lottery in Meghalaya

The Meghalaya State Lottery offers Future Daily Lottery draws three times a day, seven days a week.

That said, online lottery sites based outside of India offer a much larger selection of draws from the world’s largest draws.

Purchase tickets to draws of Powerball, EuroMillions, and more for the chance to become an instant crorepati.

Sports betting in Meghalaya

Meghalaya joins Sikkim in legalizing betting on sports, which is great news for India! You can place pre-match and live bets at licensed operators.

Odds range from international soccer and tennis events to some of the largest local sporting events, like the Cricket IPL, Kabbadi, and more!

Betting on Teer in Meghalaya

Teer is a unique sport where archers shoot arrows at a target. Bettors bet on how many arrows they believe will hit the target, making the sport similar to that of lottery or Keno.

Traditionally, the most avid Teer punters will let their dreams guide them towards winning numbers.

Since Teer is regulated by its own act, it will remain a legal form of betting in the future as well.

Horse racing in Meghalaya

Just like for almost all other Indian states, Bharat players in Meghalaya can bet on horse racing legally.

Bets can be placed at a racetrack or with licensed betting venues; however, there are currently no horse races in Meghalaya.

Online sites will offer odds on plenty of horse racing, but, unfortunately, not local ones.

Status on Rummy, Poker, Flush, and other card games

You’ll be glad to know that all forms of card games are legal in Meghalaya, even when played for money.

That said, keep in mind that games like Rummy and poker that are played with real money will only be deemed legal when played at a licensed operator.

In other words, mobile apps that allow players to play and win real rupees will be illegal unless they apply for a gambling license.

To sum it up

The gambling regulation in Meghalaya is a step in the right direction for India and Meghalaya in particular.

Gambling regulation is a great way to curb gambling problems while also keeping money within the state instead of being lost to foreign operators.

Legalization also gives you a wider selection of games and makes sure that the games you play are fair and secure.

All offshore online casinos listed here at SevenJackpots are also licensed, so you can play your favorite games at any of these top casinos while keeping your personal and financial details safe.

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