Manipur Gambling Laws

Gambling from Manipur is very straightforward. Manipur is a state that uses the Public Gambling Act, 1867, which is the national law of India.

While states are allowed to compose their own laws and regulations for gambling within their borders, Manipur runs with this law.

For you, this is a very good thing. Read on to understand why!

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How to gamble from Manipur

Gambling from Manipur is easy, as long as you keep to certain rules. To play casino games from here, you’ll want to make sure that you are not breaking the law.

Since the gambling act was created in the 1800s, it does not mention digital devices or the internet.

In other words, to gamble from Manipur, all you have to do is pick an online casino site located outside of India (not affected by Indian law) and use a secure payment method.

Yes, it really is that easy!

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Local gambling, where you play at a physical location together with others, is illegal. Areas where gambling is conducted are called “gaming-houses,” which are not allowed as per the gambling act.

However, playing online casino games from your own computer, tablet, or mobile phone, is not counted as a “gaming-house,” thus not covered by the law.

So, in short, gambling is legal as long as you play online and you don’t play together with a group of people.

Gambling Laws in Manipur

If we take a closer look at the gambling laws in Manipur, it’s easy to see that they follow a pattern similar to many other states.

The Public Gambling Act of 1867, is used in other states, such as Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, and Bihar.

The act bans all games of chance and sports betting, while it allows certain games of skill.

Casino in Imphal

Jio is the best mobile network for online casino players in Imphal. The provider covers most of the city with a stable 4G connection.

For you, this means instant access to your favorite casino sites and games. You’ll have no problem playing Andar Bahar game, real money Teen Patti, or slot games from Imphal!

Casino in Churachandpur

Airtel and Jio are the two primary internet providers in Churachandpur, which means that you’ll be able to get 4G internet access from within the city.

And it’s not just casino sites that are available to you here; you can also use secure online payment options like Google Pay and Paytm.

Lottery in Manipur

Manipur is one of the thirteen states in India that organizes a state lottery as allowed by The Lotteries (Regulation) Act, 1998. For you, this means that you can purchase physical lottery tickets to any of the three lottery-draws made per day.

The catch is that the prizes are very low, ranging from ₹500 to just ₹6 lakh. This is only a fraction of the prize pools of international draws such as the EuroMillions and Powerball that you can find and participate in at Indian lottery casinos.

Sports betting in Manipur

Indian players who wish to bet locally would have to travel to Sikkim, as it’s one of the states where sports betting is allowed.

That said, online betting sites like BlueChip and Bettilt are still available to you from Manipur thanks to the archaic gambling laws used. They offer all of the best odds on Cricket and Kabaddi!

Horse racing in Manipur

Players interested in gambling on horses in Manipur will have a great selection of odds at online sports betting sites.

Betting on local horse racing or polo is illegal in the state unless being held at a recognized racecourse, but you can still enjoy odds from all over the world from your own mobile phone or computer.

Status on Rummy, Poker, Flush, and other card games

Rummy is nationally accepted as a game of skill (with a few exceptions) and is, therefore, part of the games allowed in Manipur.

However, playing Rummy, poker, or other card games locally with added side-betting is not legal.

We recommend that you save yourself the stress and hassle by playing your favorite card games online at a foreign online casino.

To sum it up

Manipur is one of those “lucky” states where players can enjoy online casino gambling without issues.

It also shares borders with Nagaland, where fantasy sports, rummy, and poker can be played freely at licensed operators.

Plenty of foreign online casino sites accept players from Manipur to enjoy their large selection of casino games.

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