Variations of Teen Patti

Teen Patti is a popular table game, and it’s easy to see why. Not only is it a game that’s very easy to learn, but it also comes with a lot of Teen Patti variations.

By playing 3 Patti at an Indian online casino, you’ll be able to further expand your knowledge and skill by being aware of how the different variations of Teen Patti work.

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3 Patti Variations

3 Patti is an incredibly versatile casino game. Like poker, rankings, card values, and the number of cards dealt can be altered in many different ways, creating a number of Teen Patti variations.

Variations of the game are, however, most commonly played together with other players. Unfortunately, when playing Teen Patti online against a dealer, variations are still nowhere to be found.

We are sure that this will change as 3 Patti online increases in popularity.

You can also play social Teen Patti in our Sevenjackpots Teen Patti app.

teen patti card deck on green felt

Joker Hunt

This is one of the Teen Patti variations closest to poker, thanks to the possibility to discard cards.

Once players have received their three cards, a set number of cards are shown face up. Players can choose to discard one of their own in exchange for a revealed card.

Best of Four

This is what you could call a “boosted” variation of Teen Patti. Here you are dealt four cards instead of three.

You will still have to make the best 3 patti hand, following the standard Teen Patti hand rankings, but now you have an additional card that can help you create that winning hand.

Muflis (Lowball)

Out of all Teen Patti variations, Muflis is one of the easiest to get started with. If you know the basic variations of teen patti, you know how to play muflis.

The difference between regular 3Patti and Lowball is that here, you’ll want the lowest ranking hand, not the highest.

Low Wild & High Wild

Here, the lowest ranking card in the hand will turn into a wild (joker). The wild card can be used as any other card or suit to create a well-ranking hand.

High Wild works in the same way as Low Wild, but here, it’s the player’s highest-ranking card that turns into a wild instead of the other way around.

AK 47

No, this game is not played with weapons, as you might think from the name of this Teen Patti variation. The name refers to the cards that count as jokers.

In this case, the Ace, King, 4, and 7 cards all turn into jokers, meaning that they can be used to create a competitive hand.

Two-lowest Wild

Like the Low Wild variation, Two-lowest Wild is played with four-card hands, where the two lowest-ranking cards are both counted as wild.

A 3-card Teen Patti hand will still have to be made, but here the players have two wilds to use, creating more opportunities.

Bust Card Draw

In Bust Card Draw, one additional step is added to the card dealing process. Once all players have received their cards, the dealer draws a “sudden death” card. Any player who has this card on their hand will have to fold their hand automatically.

Wild Draw

Similarly to Bust Card Draw, Wild Draw utilizes the action of an additionally drawn card. Here, the rank of the drawn card will count as wild, and any player with that ranked card on their hand will, therefore, be able to use that card as a wild.


In Hukum Teen Patti, all players are dealt two normal cards and one joker card. The joker card will substitute for any card necessary in order to make a hand.

If there are no possible hand combinations, even with the joker card, the card will count as a High Card.

Which variation is played with a live dealer?

When playing online Teen Patti against a live dealer, the variations of Teen Patti will be quite restricted. The reasons for this are not all that clear, but demand and payouts are most likely part of it.

When playing against a dealer instead of other players, the version you’ll get closest to will be Muflis, seeing as it is a mirrored version of the original game.

What does the joker do?

The joker, or wild, depending on the game variation, works just like a wild in a video slot.

In other words, any card or cards that are categorized as a “joker” or “wild” can have any suit or rank needed to make up a hand.

For example, if you would have 3-3-Joker, you’ve automatically got a Three of a Kind hand.

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