How to Win at Indian Online Slots 2022?

how to win on slots in india

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Slots are games of chance in which skill plays no part in determining how much you’ll win. However, that doesn’t mean you have to simply accept whatever fate hands you when you spin the reels. Making some small adjustments to your playing habits can improve your odds of winning.

Play to Your Limits

Setting limits is key for any online gaming activity, including playing the slots. However, once you’ve established your limit, you should choose machines that suit it. If you’re a high roller, a game with $10 spins might make total sense. However, if you have a much smaller limit, a game like Starburst, which has a much smaller minimum wager, will suit you better. Chances are, you’ll get to play for longer, so you’ll probably have a better chance of securing those lucrative free spins or bonus features.

Make the Maximum Bet You Can

While playing within your limits is important, that doesn’t mean a conservative approach always works best. Playing the maximum bet amount that you can afford is smart because increasing your bet level increases the coin value.

While a higher coin value benefits you during the base game, it’s particularly lucrative in the bonus games of selected slots like Mega Fortune. While it won’t impact the progressive jackpot values, a higher bet level will boost the value of the coin prizes on the Mega Fortune wheel. In some cases, you won’t even be eligible for the jackpots unless you’re betting more than the default amount.

Adjust the Paylines

Most slots play all paylines by default. However, in many cases you can reduce the number of paylines you’re playing, thereby reducing your bet per spin. Sometimes less is more. Your payouts may not be as large, but you’ll probably be able to play for longer and potentially win more in the end.

Do Your Research

You wouldn’t make an investment without doing your research, so why would you expect to win at slots without some study? Read up on the slots you’re interested in to learn more about them and the experiences of others playing them. Look for slot-payout percentages and favour the games with the highest ratings. While there are no guarantees, of course, you’ll be more likely to strike it rich playing the games with the highest payout percentages.

Take Advantage of Promotions

Many casinos that offer real money games in India have promotions, which can help stretch your money further. Welcome bonuses, where casinos offer free spins and dollar-for-dollar deposit matching, are common. You might also find casinos that match deposits made on certain days and offer slots tournaments, which let you compete against other players for big prizes. Many casinos also have loyalty programs through which you own points that can be redeemed for casino credit or free slots spins. Stay up-to-date on current promotions and take advantage of them when you’re playing the slots. Slots might not be skill-based, but this doesn’t mean the outcomes are completely random. Make some small adjustments to the way you play, and you might be pleasantly surprised by the results.