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on 26th June 2020
Written by Chief Editor, Felicia Wijkander and Editorial team.
Published: 13/06/2019

8th Wonder Slot Introduction

Watch the three transparent reels that feature huge diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies and stacks of cash spin against the red gemstone background image. If you enjoy a classic game of slots, 8th Wonder delivers an easy gaming experience with no complicated payout schedules or gimmicks to distract you from the pure live casino experience.

The Realistic Games software provider created the 8th Wonder game, and it’s easy to set up gameplay with just a few clicks or taps on your device’s screen. Arrow icons let you adjust the amount you bet, and your options begin at 0.25 and go all the way up to 200.

If you want the interactive experience of controlling each play, click the Spin icon to start the reels. If you want to kick back and watch your winnings add up, set the Auto-play feature for the number of spins you want the game to run before you have to act again.

8th Wonder Bonus Features

The lack of high-action animation and big bonus awards is one thing that’s very different about 8th Wonder compared to some video slots. While the game is colourful and engaging, there just isn’t a big bonus feature to enhance your winnings.

There are, however, some extra features that add excitement. Since there aren’t any Wild or Scatter icons in 8th Wonder, the Full House icon brings the biggest rewards. The Full House occurs when every space on one pay-line comes up with the same symbol, and it doubles your total payout.

8th Wonder Free Spins

The lack of free spins, unlike Cleopatra Mega Jackpots, is one thing that’s different in 8th Wonder when compared to other online slot machine games. The only things that serve as a free extra prize trigger are the number eight symbols that occasionally appear.

The number eight symbols are made to look like they’re carved from different coloured, faceted gemstones for a fun and sparkling effect. Each eight that appears on the reels doubles your winnings based on your total bet for that round. If you fill the screen with eights, you receive 320 times your total bet.

8th Wonder Winning Symbols

The symbols featured in 8th Wonder are all based on luxury and elegance. Gold bars and stacks of cash are perfect representations of this slot’s money-based theme. If you get one pay-line with three of the stacked eight symbols, with each symbol featuring a red, orange, white, green, and blue numerals, you get a payout of 160.

Three stacks of cash symbols or three gold bar symbols mean you get a payout of 40. Sticking with the game’s number eight theme, if you get a set that contains three matching coloured gemstones, it means you get a payout of eight. For example, three diamonds give you a payout of eight, or three amethysts give you a payout of eight.

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