Slot Review: Chain Reactors Super Trails by NextGen

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  • Provider: NextGen
  • Slot Type: Video slots
  • RTP: 94.58%
  • Volatility: MED-HIGH
  • Pay Lines: 0
Chain Reactors Super Trails

Chain Reactors Super Trails is a new take on the classic video slot machine. Instead of matching symbols on spinning reels, this game is focused on hitting combinations of bead icons that fall into place on a grid.The bright colors of this game and the easy gameplay provide a rewarding experience that every gamer can appreciate. Here are a few facts about Chain Reactors Super Trails that will help you have a great time when you sit down to play this slot machine.

Chain Reactors Super Trails Introduction

Chain Reactors Super Trails is offered by the well-known provider NYX/NextGen Gaming and is one of their most popular slot machines in India. This slot game has no paylines and is arranged into a 5×5 grid. There are seven different Bead Head symbols that will drop into the 25 spots when the game begins.

The player’s goal is to land five of the same type of Bead Heads in a row. Combinations can occur horizontally, vertically, or both. When a match happens, the five Bead Heads will disappear from the board and be replaced by new Bead Heads. The game will continue until there are no more possible matches on the grid.

When new Bead Heads fall onto the board and match with clusters of Bead Heads already in place, this is called a Cluster Win. Earning multiple Cluster Wins will unlock many of the game’s bonus features.

Chain Reactors Super Trails Bonus Features

There are two exciting bonus features available in Chain Reactors Super Trails. The first is the Bomb bonus feature. This feature is activated when a player scores a Cluster Win that includes five Bomb Bead Heads. When this bonus is triggered, bombs will fall across the grid, exploding certain Bead Heads and rewarding the player.

The other bonus feature of this game is the Fire Trail bonus. This bonus is also triggered by a Cluster Win, but instead of bombs, the symbols will be Fire Totems. The Fire Totems will light one of the game’s 10 Fire Trail markers, and when all 10 markers are lit, a Dragon will be summoned to breathe fire on some of the Bead Heads on the grid.

Chain Reactors Super Trails Free Spins

Because it doesn’t have reels, Chain Reactors Super Trails uses a feature called Free Falls instead of offering free spins. If you hit seven Cluster Wins, either in a row or cumulatively, you’ll enter the Free Falls Bonus Round. During this mini-game, you will get 15 free falls of Bead Heads, extending your game and, hopefully, increasing your winnings.

Also, while the Free Falls Bonus Round is happening, you will still have the ability to achieve Cluster Wins. This means that it’s possible to extend the bonus round by getting seven Cluster Wins and earning 15 more Free Falls. The Cluster Wins that occur during this bonus round, however, will not count towards the Bomb or Fire Trail bonus features.

Chain Reactors Super Trails Winning Symbols

The winning symbol in this game is the yellow Bead Head, known as Goldie. If you’re able to hit a Cluster Win that includes 30 Goldie Bead Heads, you’ll have a shot at winning this game’s progressive jackpot.

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