Slot Review: Light Blocks Slot by Merkur Gaming

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Light Blocks Slot
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  • Provider: Merkur Gaming
  • Slot Type: Video slots
  • RTP: 96.3%
  • Volatility: HIGH
  • Pay Lines: -
Light Blocks Slot

Light Blocks slot machine from Merkur Gaming provides a unique gaming experience. Instead of the traditional reels and pay lines, the ancient Egypt-themed slot machine starts with an open playing field consisting of five columns and seven visible rows. As the game progresses, up to 50 rows are available. Upon placing your bet, five light blocks drop onto the playing field. Your goal is to fill a row completely, which sends five more blocks raining down. As you complete rows, you'll get closer to reaching the multipliers, which begin on the fourth row.

Light Blocks Slot Introduction

If a block lands in a special field, signified with single or double borders, you can receive additional blocks. Instead of betting to activate pay lines, you choose how many columns you’d like to activate, from just one through all five. While Light Blocks may sound out of the norm, its large payouts and ease of play make it a welcome break from traditional Indian slot games.

Light Blocks Bonus Features

There are multiple casino bonus options available in Light Blocks. Along with receiving bonus blocks for each completed row, filling a special field will net you one or two extra blocks, depending on how many borders the area has. You’ll feel as powerful as a pharaoh if you complete four or more rows. Multipliers start on the fourth row and raise by one with each additional row filled, up to 50 rows, giving you the possibility of multiplying your winnings 47 times.

Along with gathering bonus blocks, you can gather more gold than you’ll need in the afterlife with double-or-nothing and ladder rung bonus games. Each time you receive a payout, you can either collect your winnings or gamble for the chance to multiply your credits. Double your winnings by selecting the correct colour of the next flipped card, red or black. Continue to bet until you collect your credits or pick the wrong colour.

The ladder rung bonus game lets you grow your payout by taking your chances that you’ll go up or down a rung on the ladder. If you go up, your winnings can grow taller than the pyramids. If you head down, your credits can turn to dust. You can bet until you collect your winnings or reach the bottom rung. The game also provides the option to obtain half of your winnings and play the bonus games with the remainder.

Light Blocks Free Spins

Light Blocks isn’t a traditional slot machine, so you can’t earn any free spins.

Light Blocks Winning Symbols

Light Blocks slots has only four winning symbols, but they’re incredibly valuable. Because you receive a payout only when you complete a line, the value of each symbol is added, netting you a minimum return of five times your bet if you activate all columns. The star symbol gains you back your bet amount, while the fire, moon, and sun symbols earn you three, 10, and 50 times your bet each time they appear in a completed row. Even though the wins may come less frequently, the payout size is worth the wait.

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