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The India dice game has arrived at 10CRIC as per our request!

Games, betting, and gambling has been part of Indian culture for centuries. Jhandi Munda is one of these games. You might know it better as a ‘street game’ played with six dice.

Players bet on which symbol they think will appear at the next throw, and stakes are paid out 1:1, 2:1, 3:1, and so on.

Although the classic Jhandi Munda is still played around India, there’s one online casino that’s taken the game to the digital world.

And we’re totally taking a bit of credit for it!

10CRIC is one of the most well-renowned real money casinos on the Indian market today. Their whole website oozes our culture with mandala designs, rupee currency, and tailored promotions.

But when we at Seven Jackpots checked out their game selection, we felt that something was missing.

We wanted our dice game! We wanted Jhandi Munda!

So, we reached out to the 10CRIC crew and asked if there wasn’t some way they could make this dream come true for us. And for so many other Indians who are wanting to play it online.

Said and done (we think they might be wizards over there at 10CRIC). They snapped their fingers (well, sort of) and voilá, a new game appeared!

Jhandi Munda is Crown and Anchor

That’s right; when the game moves over to an online casino-version, its name also changes. The classic Jhandi Munda is played with six dice, but online it will sometimes be played with three dice.

The name? Crown and Anchor.

Microgaming are the ones who have created the Crown and Anchor game available at 10CRIC. Currently, 10CRIC are the only ones offering the game!

The game shows a betting board and three dice on two barrels, suggesting it’s played near the water somewhere. Selecting the bet amount is done by picking a chip, ranging from 0.50 to 500.

Placing a bet is done by clicking at least once on a betting-board symbol.

Once you are ready, click ‘Play,’ and the dice will be thrown. Markers are placed on winning betting-board symbols, and if you’ve placed a bet on a marked symbol, you’re a winner!

What do we think about the game?

To be honest, we really like this game. It’s super easy to play, the graphics are smooth, and the physics of the dice is very realistic.

There’s even an auto-play feature, and it’s straightforward to re-bet if you’d like to try your luck on the same symbols again.

Of course, the only way you’ll really get a feel for the game is if you try it out yourself. You can play it at 10CRIC using real money or for fun; it’s up to you.

Of course, to win actual rupees, you’ll need to play for real.


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