Goa: Beaches be Gambling

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Goa is a small state on the west coast of India. It was freed from Portuguese rule in 1961 and is considered to be the twenty-fifth state in the Union of Indian States. It became a separate state on 30 May 1987.

Goa is recognized as India’s smallest and fourth lowest populated state in Konkan’s Western Ghats. Goa is bounded by Maharashtra to Karnataka’s northern, eastern and southern borders, while the west coast is formed by the Arabian Sea. It is also known as India’s wealthiest territory. Money money money!

Every year in large numbers, international and domestic tourists visit this small state. The beautiful sands, art and places of worship attract tourists. It is a hub in wildlife, abundant in flora and fauna, making it a must visit.

The state is recognized for maintaining a respectful relationship between its different religious societies, existing for centuries in harmony. In terms of investment, climate and infrastructure, it is considered one of India’s best states.

One of the most prominent sectors that generates revenue for the state is the gambling industry since the state is almost always flooded with tourists from all over the country as well as from all over the world. This is remarkable as Goa is one of only three states in India that is permitted to conduct gambling at hotels and cruise ships.

The Beauty that is Goa

Goa: Beaches be Gambling

Goa is beautiful for so many different reasons. There is a reason everyone wants to go on a trip to Goa either after school or college. The state might just be SevenJackpots’ favourite out of all of India’s luscious 29 states, if not for the one thing that we will talk about later in this article.

Since Goa is located right in between the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator, the resulting climatic conditions at this destination couldn’t be more perfect. With a virtually infinite supply of Vitamin D and sunshine throughout all the seasons and highest daytime temperature reaching a mean around 30 °C, the beaches in Goa are always the perfect place to be at.

The Monsoon season in Goa is the most forgiving since there is no rainfall from the month of November to April making Goa not only a summer exclusive vacation spot but also for a winter vacation break.

Here is a period-wise breakdown of the weather in Goa.

January, February, and March

The start of the year is pleasing welcome at Goa since January showers comfort with temperatures averaging around 28 °C. February follows suite with same temperature ranges in January. March spices up with temperatures increasing by 2 °C in average which in turn causes dryness in the air to rise. The dusks still remain relatively cooler with temperatures of 24 ℃. In all of the three months, the sunshine remains very ample so you can take back an appealing tanned skin on your return from your vacation.

April, May, and June

As time courses towards mid-year, the temperatures continue to soar higher. April sees an average of 29 °C during the daytime. The duration of daytime increases along to a long 12 hours allowing you to see all the glory of Goa with the pristine sunshine.

May comes along with a surprise, the spawn of monsoon. The precipitation rate goes up to a noticeable 38% and the temperatures idling back to 27 °C. Hope humidity doesn’t bother you much.

June embraces the monsoon as the precipitation rate soars to high 78%. You might still be able to visit the beaches but be warned of high tides that run throughout the month.

July, August, and September

Monsoon relishes over Goa throughout July as the temperature optimizes to 28 °C. The relative humidity rate ranges between 70 to 95% with the precipitation rate at 89%.  August peaks in with the monsoon before it’s decline takes place as the precipitation rate steadies at 80% all the time.

The temperature gets warmer with an average of 29 °C. September waves farewell to the monsoon finally with the precipitation rate falling to 56% as the skies become transparent to the sun rays.

October, November, and December

Though not common, October starts to see the highest temperatures of around 32  °C as the Sun bathes on its welcome back from the monsoon. November pulls back the temperature to a soothing 29  °C seldom seen with clouds floating in the sky.

The evenings remain welcoming as they create ambience of  24 °C. December crawls in 2 °C of temperature increase yet making it a cozy welcome for people shivering from the cold of the Northern states to seal of a rather warm Christmas.

Laws Governing Gambling in Goa

Laws Governing Gambling in Goa

The laws for gambling in Goa was amended in the year of 1976 right after the debut of casinos and other gambling destinations spawned in Goa and nearby regions. The laws are bound by The Goa, Daman and Diu Public Gambling Act.

The bill passed by the Legislative Assembly of Goa, Daman and Diu which received the assent of the President of India on 30th July, 1976 initially banning all sorts of gambling activities. It was in the early 90s when gambling in Goa had become legalized through modification of the bill.

In 1992, the state of Goa began licensing luxury hotels for gambling. Such licenses allowed slot machines to be operated by the hotel owners. Four years later, table games including roulette and poker were required to be played on cruise ships by the gambling laws in 1996, with an addition that such games could not be played in land casinos.

Till date, the bill governs all the casinos that function within the state of Goa to ensure that fair and smooth conduct takes place since casinos contribute to significant to the state of Goa. The following will you give a glimpse of what is expected by the bill so that you are well-aware of performing clean games to ensure a pleasant time at the timeless destinations at Goa.

Eligibility a Minimum Age of 18

This one is straightforward. The legal age in India is 18; hence, one must be 18 years complete in age if he or she wants to take part of a gambling institute. It is to ensure that the individual has a mature mindset to wholly acknowledge the risks that entail when one gambles, especially since it’s a matter of finance.

Online Gambling is illegal

Taking part in any online gambling in any province of Goa is considered an offence against the law. This law is pretty stringent in Goa since the government is concerned of inability to moderate the institution that runs the online gambling websites such as online casinos.

Well, this is a bit of a let down. Online casinos give us every reason to be joyful as they make way for you to earn big from the comfort of your own home. It is extremely sad that Goans do not get to enjoy this privilege and that is the reason Goa is not number one on our list.

We hope that the state government finds a solution in the near future and grants Goans the joy of winning!

Offshore Gambling Restricted

There are currently four offshore casinos in Goa as they are hosted by cruise ships that anchor at the Mandovi River mostly. For these casinos to operate, they must be within 5 nautical miles from any of Goa’s state shore line. Confirm this detail with any crew of the cruise before you inspire luck from their casino.

Tourists permits Required

If you are not a local of Goa, you might need to head to the tourist office of Goa to get your tourist permits before you enter any gambling institution. The punishment for not holding a tourist permit during the time of inspection would you result you with up to 10 times the normal charge for a tourist permit.

Only 5-star Hotels and Luxury Cruises

As per the Goa government, casinos can only be run by luxury 5 star hotels and off-shore cruises since they are the ones to follow proper protocols and security to ensure fair conduct is taking place.

Enjoy a game of the classic Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Poker or go for a spin on the Slots Machine on your vacation! It is the time to let loose, after all. Be sure that you are in one of the hotels that are enlisted for eligibility of gambling before you set foot in an illegal casino!

Regulation by the Gaming Commissioner

The government appoints a Gaming Commissioner who ensures fair-play is conducted in all of the casinos that operate under the registration with the government. He or she may pose specific orders for particular casinos within the state. Be sure to check with any such notices that are received by the casino.

Transfer of License to run Casino not allowed

The license obtained to run a casino within the state cannot be transferred from the original registry to another entity without legal permission from the government. Hence if the ownership of a casino is heard to be transferred to another entity, be sure that the license of the casino has been legally transferred too.

Plan your next trip to Goa!

We can definitely say that gambling laws in Goa require businesses to be run by people and casinos. Since tourism has strongly influenced the economies of the nations, the government upholds the legality of gambling there.

So for the next time you want to visit Goa, we have presented you with all that you need to know before you embark on your life-altering journey as a travel gift! Have fun and be responsible, guys!