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Guides 20-01-2021

Assam Gambling Laws

Assam Gambling Laws Assam is an Indian state that sees gambling as a problem. The state laws use the Public Gambling Act, 1867 as a foundation, while further enforcing it with The Assam Game and Betting Act, 1970. The result is a strictly regulated state where most games and betting in any form are illegal. […]

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Guides 11-01-2021

Haryana Gambling Laws

Haryana Gambling Laws Haryana, one of India’s most economically stable states, has had an interesting journey regarding gambling. The state borders Punjab and Delhi, which has raised interest for a more liberal view of gambling altogether. That said, the previous Chief Minister of Haryana’s attempt to legalize gambling was rejected in 2005, resulting in the […]

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Guides Gambling Laws 10-12-2020

Punjab Gambling Laws

Punjab Gambling Laws The state of Punjab is one of the thirteen Indian states where a state lottery is organized. Overall, this has given a more liberal view of gambling, and the discussion on regulating instead of criminalizing has been going on for years. For the time being, gambling falls under the national Public Gambling […]

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Guides 07-12-2020

Rajasthan Gambling Laws

Rajasthan Gambling Laws Rajasthan is a peculiar state when it comes to gambling. Based on the Public Gambling Act, 1867, most forms of gambling are, in fact, illegal. However, the local laws, combined with the great flaws in the gambling laws regarding gambling online, results in an Indian state with relaxed rules and regulations. Perfect […]

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Guides 26-11-2020

Madhya Pradesh Gambling Laws

Madhya Pradesh Gambling Laws Also called the “Center of India,” Madhya Pradesh is one of India’s largest states and is also one that has taken the Public Gambling Act, 1867 to heart. These are laws that rule in all of India unless a state has decided to create specific gambling laws of their own. The […]

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Guides Gambling Laws 20-11-2020

Bihar Gambling Laws

Bihar Gambling Laws India’s third-largest state, Bihar, follows the national gambling laws of India. In short, this means that gambling is illegal but that there are major flaws in the laws allowing for legal gambling if done correctly. This guide will take you through the legal landscape of gambling in Bihar, explaining how you can […]

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Guides 11-11-2020

Gujarat Gambling Laws

Gujarat Gambling Laws Gujarat’s gambling laws are, just like the Public Gambling Act in the country, created over a century ago. The laws in Gujarat are very clear when it comes to gambling; all forms are forbidden if done outside or at a gaming-house. However, as with many other Indian states, there’s an exception to […]

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Guides 02-10-2020

Tamil Nadu Gambling Laws

Tamil Nadu Gambling Laws Although Tamil Nadu is geographically close to liberal states like Kerala, Goa, and Karnataka, the state still strictly restricts gambling. Nearly all forms of gambling are illegal in the state, lottery included. The only types of betting that are accepted within Tamil Nadu borders are horse racing and Rummy. But don’t […]

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Guides 30-09-2020

Uttar Pradesh Gambling Laws

Uttar Pradesh Gambling Laws Out of all Indian states, Uttar Pradesh is the one with the highest population. It’s also one of the states where gambling is readily available, as long as you know where to look. Although illegal underground gambling is present, that’s not where we’d recommend you to play. The gambling laws in […]

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Guides 28-09-2020

Karnataka Gambling Laws

Karnataka Gambling Laws   Karnataka joins the number of Indian states where a semi-ban on gambling exists. While most general gambling is illegal, such as slot games, table games, and sports betting, there are a few exceptions. Lottery and horse racing have their own rules, and online casino sites also have their perks. This guide […]

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