Time to Reverse Martingale!

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If you’re a casino enthusiast like us, we have no doubt that roulette and blackjack are among your favourite games. They’re classic and are undoubtedly among the best of casino games to ever have existed.

Assuming that the Multiverse theory is real and in a parallel universe, there exists a world with better games than Blackjack and Roulette, we would find it more far fetched than the Multiverse theory itself.

This means that there is also a world in which there are no casinos. We want nothing to do with that. We are here for both a good time and for a long time and we are not missing out on anything life has to offer.

Speaking of living freely, the Reverse Martingale strategy is one that you should definitely use during the course of your gameplay in an online or a land-based casino as per your preference. We would say it’s much more exciting than its counterpart, the Martingale strategy.

Much like the Martingale strategy, the Reverse Martingale system can also be used in a number of other games such as Poker, Craps and Baccarat. In this article, we will see how the strategy is best used in Roulette and Blackjack.

What is Reverse Martingale?

The Reverse Martingale is not very hard to use and works in the following way:

  • If you win, you double your bet on the next round.
  • If you lose, you go back to your initial bet for the next round.

If you’re on a winning streak and feel invincible, this strategy would be the best to use if you want to make the best out of your luck. As you can see, the risk factor in this strategy is quite high.

The odds of winning and losing are 50-50, so there’s a good chance you might win in this game. However, if you lose, you lose everything. You take back absolutely nothing except sadness if you end up losing.

The Martingale strategy was developed in the 18th century, so we estimate the development of the Reverse Martingale strategy to have occurred around this time as well. Everything has its counterpart, and so does the Martingale.

How to use Reverse Martingale?

We know the basic principles that follow the Reverse Martingale strategy. Let’s now see how these would be put into practice.

Example for Roulette

Time to Reverse Martingale!

You could pick the colour betting system, the odd/even betting system or the low/high betting system in your game of Roulette. For the purpose of this example, let us assume that you are playing using the odd/even betting system and you choose odd because you feel like you are too.

Let’s say that you bet ₹100 initially. You lose the first round and so you lose the money. Bet another ₹100 on the second round. You win this round, so you double your bet to ₹200. You win the next round too and it comes to a whopping ₹400! Everyone’s happy.

You have made a profit of ₹300 and have won the money you deposited back! What could be better?

Example for Blackjack

Image of Blackjack

Let’s say that you make a bet of the same ₹100. If the game progresses as per the table below, let us see what you would have won.

Hand Bet Result
One ₹100 Lost
Two ₹100 Won
Three ₹200 Won
Four ₹400 Won
Five ₹800 Won

You would make a net profit of ₹1,500 in this game of Blackjack. The Martingale strategy would have resulted in a net profit of ₹100 only. You see why the Reverse Martingale strategy is appealing.

Why shouldn’t you use Reverse Martingale?

As appealing as it is, the Reverse Martingale strategy does pose a number of risks. Let us see what these are.

You might lose it all

The biggest downside to deploying the Reverse Martingale strategy in your game play is that you can lose everything with one loss. You might win around 25 times and when you don’t win the 26th time, it will cost you everything that you earned in the 25 times prior to that unfortunate round.

It is very important to be cautious while using this strategy for that very reason.

You’re going to be at it for a while

As this game won’t stop until you yourself get up and leave or until you win the maximum amount, you will be at it for a while if you keep winning. The winning might lose its charm after some time, so be sure to take all your winnings when you still can.

Winning Limits

Real money online casinos and land based casino owners are not oblivious. They know how to protect their interests. This is why they put a cap on the maximum amount that can be won from a game. So be careful and stay within its range. You can’t win more even if you want to.

It can rope you in

Falling for addiction is not that hard. It is a disease like any other. The high that you will get from a winning streak will be the high that you had been chasing your entire life. So it can be clearly seen why people get addicted.

Know when to stop and obtain your winnings before it’s too late.

Why should you use Reverse Martingale?

Like every coin, the Reverse Martingale too has two sides to it. We’ve seen the ugly, so let’s look at the good.

The Odds

The probability of you winning in each round is 50%, which is pretty great and no power on earth can alter this chance. Mathematics is strong and has no prejudice. You will be safe with it, so there is less reason to worry.

The High

What is the point of leading a life if you choose to merely exist? Go ahead and expand your horizons! Feel the thrill of the chase! The Reverse Martingale strategy will awaken things in you that you never knew existed, so be ready!

The Simplicity

You don’t have to sit with a book and a pen to memorize this strategy or write it on your hand and hide it with your sleeves. It is as direct as it gets and the rules are pretty much unforgettable unless you have a memory disorder in which case, our bad.

The Limitlessness

You will continue to use this strategy only if you keep winning. And if you keep winning, the casino cannot impose its table limits on you. You get to play for as long as you want and no one will ask you to leave because of the losing factor.

The Big Wins

You could use safer strategies all you want, but the winnings that the Reverse Martingale can give you are unmatched! The profit you would make too would be much higher than what you would make if you used the Martingale. You would have observed this in the example illustrated above.

We at SevenJackpots are not afraid of a little risk from time to time. We are gamblers, after all. What are we if not risk takers? So we highly encourage you to give the Reverse Martingale strategy a try!