Guides Teen Patti

Guides 24-08-2020

Hands in Teen Patti

Sequences in Teen Patti The hands in Teen Patti resemble those you’ll receive in poker and video poker. With one exception, in 3 Patti, you’ll make your hand out of only three cards instead of five. This guide takes you through all Teen Patti hands, what odds you have of getting them, and what order […]

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teen patti card deck on green felt
Guides Teen Patti 20-08-2020

Variations of Teen Patti

Variations of Teen Patti Teen Patti is a popular table game, and it’s easy to see why. Not only is it a game that’s very easy to learn, but it also comes with a lot of Teen Patti variations. By playing 3 Patti at an Indian online casino, you’ll be able to further expand your […]

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teen patti table with dealer screenshot
Guides 05-08-2020

How to play Teen Patti

How to play Teen Patti Teen Patti, the beloved desi card game that was founded by 3 Card Brag! Learn how to play Teen Patti with this easy-to-use guide. We’ll take you through the rules of Teen Patti online, different card hands, bets, and how to easily deposit and withdraw your winnings while playing at […]

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