LeoVegas CEO Fired Scam: Don’t Lose Your Money to Blatant Lies!

Gustaf Hagman, CEO of LeoVegas on Emerging Markets

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(Update: We found out the same news article can be found at Scoops of Today too. Depending on which article you’ve read, you will see different bonus amount advertised for the loophole. The scam is still the same, but you may still benefit on it.)

LeoVegas India News – Everything is all Good

LeoVegas, being a reputed online casino and sportsbook, is backed by a flawless reputation and numerous awards. It is known for its transparency and commitment to providing a brilliant online casino experience to its customers. So, imagine our surprise when we came across this post on the internet, talking smack about LeoVegas and how its CEO was fired due to a massive blunder.

LeoVegas Mistake: Here’s the Truth

This news originally spoke about how the CEO of LeoVegas – Peter Newsted, was fired because of an apparent mistake/loophole that caused the site to lose close to Rs.50,00,000 in free spins, welcome bonuses, and prizes.

According to the article, LeoVegas customers managed to get up to Rs.55,000 in bonus upon their first deposit, thanks to a glitch in their system. This costly mistake supposedly let to massive losses for the operator, with a lot of people enjoying what is commonly known as bonus abuse. This, in turn, led to the LeoVegas CEO get fired.


It gets better when you realise that there is no one by the name of Peter Newsted is working for Leovegas. Its CEO is Gustaf Hagman, who also happens to be a co-founder of the LeoVegas Group. It is hard to imagine him firing himself over a mistake that never really happened. Furthermore, the article gets more precarious when we get into the nitty gritty of it.

Gustaf Hagman with the President of Malta

However, we are not going to do that here. What we will do is give you our honest review of the operator and tell you how to get the free bonus that doesn’t involve exploiting any LeoVegas India loophole or scam.

Don’t Fall for Loopholes – Get Your LeoVegas Free Bonus the Right Way With Us!

The deposit bonus is set at Rs.30,000 and it is absolutely legit. No loopholes, no scam, not a single thing is shady – it is absolutely straightforward.

If you were to visit LeoVegas right now and check out their deposit bonus, this is what you will see:

It clearly says you can get up to Rs.30,000 in bonus upon making three deposits.

Here is how it works:

First Deposit Bonus Offer: 100% Match

The first time you make a deposit on the site, LeoVegas will match it by 100%. For example, if you make the deposit of Rs.1,000, you will get another Rs.1,000 in free bonus. Similarly, the first deposit of Rs.5,000 will get you the same amount in free bets!

This amount is capped at Rs.10,000. So, even if deposit Rs.15,000, you will only get Rs.10,000 as the bonus.

Second Deposit Bonus Offer: 50% Match

LeoVegas will match your second deposit by 50%. Once again, the maximum bonus you can get here is Rs.10,000. So, if you make a deposit of Rs.5,000 the second time, you will get Rs.2,500 in bonus and so on.

Third Deposit Bonus Offer: 25% Match

When you top up your LeoVegas online casino account from India for the third time, you will get a match bonus of 25%. As usual, the maximum bonus you can get is Rs.10,000.

For instance, if you make a deposit of Rs.1,000, LeoVegas will match your deposit with Rs.250. So, to get the Rs.10,000 free bonus for the third time around, you need to deposit Rs.40,000!

All the three deposit bonuses add up to Rs.30,000.


100% Up to ₹80,000 Welcome Bonus

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How to Use this LeoVegas Free Bonus to Make Some Extra Money Easily?

The thing about the free bonus is that you are not risking your own money while placing a wager. So, if you were to use it smartly, there is no reason why you cannot walk away with a reasonable amount of money, perhaps enough to fund your dream vacation to Europe.

Contrary to popular belief, while games like roulette and online slots are purely based on luck, it is possible to tilt the odds in your favour to a certain extent with smart betting strategies. The key thing to remember here is to game responsibly and not go overboard.

Smart Betting is the Way to Go

Seeing that LeoVegas caters to an Indian audience too, they have many popular slot games like Starburst and Bollywood Story among others. These video slots aren’t as volatile as other high volatility slots like 7 Monkeys. It means that you will win frequently while playing! So, if you have the Rs.30,000 free bonus to exploit, an ideal way to about it is by playing in low/medium slots.

If online casino slots are not something up your alley, you can also look into card games at LeoVegas like poker, blackjack, and baccarat. These games do require a certain level of skill and ingenuity rather than pure blind luck to win. We have heard stories where people have won big money in poker and blackjack without a pair of aces.

Lastly, you also have their sportsbook section but in this case, the welcome offer is Rs.10,000.

Football, cricket, baseball, any sport you want to bet on and LeoVegas will give you a market for it. More than just outright betting on the outcome of the match, you can wager on specific events in the match like the number of goals to be scored, clean sheet, number of wickets, number of sets in the tennis match, et cetera. You can significantly mitigate the risk of losing your money by focussing on a particular market/player/events – something that you know is going to happen with the utmost confidence.

Sign up with LeoVegas Today and Get Rs.30,000 Free Bonus!

By now, we hope you realize that there is nothing scam-like going on at LeoVegas. There is no loophole to exploit, no mistake to take advantage of. Their bonus systems work absolutely fine – whether it is for sportsbook or online casinos. In case you have questions, you can always get in touch with their customer support team – we are certain they will tell you the same thing.


100% Up to ₹80,000 Welcome Bonus

  • Superb mobile experience
  • Frequent promotions
  • Choose between Casino & Sportsbook

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