Punjab Online Lottery

Online lottery in Punjab has been widely available for a number of years thanks to the lax gambling and lottery laws simply not taking online games into consideration.

This changed in 2020 when the Punjab council of ministers banned all sales of online lottery tickets in an attempt to bring players back to the legal Punjab lottery schemes.

That said, the law focuses on sales rather than the purchase of online lottery tickets, which still allows you to buy lottery tickets online in Punjab!

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Punjab Lottery Tickets Online

When booking an online lottery ticket from Punjab, you want to ensure that you are making your lottery ticket purchase count.

This is why we have collected all the best international lottery draws here for you to get an overview of them. Take a pick, and enjoy online lottery from Punjab!

TicketPriceDraw DaysBiggest Jackpot
Powerball₹300Tue, Thu, Sunapprox. ₹16,400 crores
Mega Millions₹300Wed, Satapprox. ₹10,900 crores
EuroMillions₹240-300Wed, Satapprox. ₹1500 crores
EuroJackpot₹350Fridayapprox. ₹736 crores
SuperEnaLotto₹160Wed, Fri, Sun approx. ₹1674 crores

How to purchase online lottery tickets in Punjab

We have to admit, purchasing online lottery tickets in Punjab isn’t the easiest due to the current regulations, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible!

Follow our super-easy step-by-step guide; online lottery tickets are only a few clicks away!

  1. Choose a lottery site available in Punjab. You can access Indian lottery apps as well.
  2. Sign up to the chosen online lottery site and make a deposit.
  3. Decide which lottery draw you want to buy lottery tickets online to.
  4. Choose your lucky numbers, purchase your tickets & wait for the draw!

Punjab Online Lottery Games

Alright, you know when the draws take place and how much they cost, but knowledge is king! We’ve selected our top three online lotteries to give you some additional information about each of them.

Knowledge like this makes it easy for you to choose when you buy lottery tickets online in Punjab.

  • Powerball: Quite possibly the most popular lottery; Powerball currently holds the world record for the largest lottery jackpot ever paid out! Give this American lottery a try; maybe you’ll be a crorepati soon!
  • EuroMillions: This thrilling lottery is located in Europe, and it has made many online lottery jackpot winners throughout the years.
  • Mega Millions: A mega lottery paying out mega jackpots! It’s the runner-up to Powerball in lottery payouts, having crossed the magical mark of $1.5 BILLION! It has also had several Indian lottery winners!

Chandigarh Lottery Online

As the rules revolving around online lotteries are active across Punjab, buying online lottery tickets in Chandigarh works the same way as anywhere else.

The main difference is that you might come across illegal gaming houses or lottery sellers in a bigger city.

Play it safe (literally) and choose an online lottery website for all of your lottery ticket purchases.

Punjab Lottery Laws

As mentioned, lottery in Punjab is available both online and offline in the form of a government lottery. The state follows The Lottery Regulations Act, 1998, as well as the Punjab State Lotteries Rules, 2015.

The most recent amendment to Punjab’s lottery laws happened in 2020 when a ban on online lotteries was imposed under Section 5 of the 1998 act.

That said, the amendment mainly focuses on the sale of online lottery tickets, not so much on the purchase and use of lottery tickets online.

In other words, you can keep purchasing online lottery tickets in Punjab from lottery sites online without trouble. It works the same way in other Indian states, such as the online lottery in Odisha or the online lottery in Nagaland.

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