Software: Evolution Gaming

General Information

Do you like traditional roulette but wish the gameplay was just a little more exciting? If so, you’ll love Evolution Gaming’s Double Ball Roulette. As the name implies, this game is played with two balls per round. This changes the odds and payouts for inside and outside bets significantly, and it also allows for two “gold bets” that you won’t find in any other type of roulette.

Provider Overview

Evolution Gaming is a top provider of live casino games, including several unique variations of roulette. Double Ball is just one example that builds on the classic formula to deliver a faster, more engaging experience that offers some unique ways to bet. The provider is known for the high production value and quality video of its live games. Indeed, few other companies offer as authentic a live casino experience for players in India.

Location of Tables

Tables are available from online casinos around the world that offer Evolution Gaming’s titles. The provider streams games from studios in Malta and Latvia as well as occasional live tables from real casinos.

Key Benefits for Players

Though the inclusion of two balls doesn’t change the odds of a single ball landing in a certain slot, you’re twice as likely to win an inside bet in this game. This means you can place a variety of conservative and aggressive bets and have a good chance of winning at least one of your wagers per round. Indeed, most experienced players use this type of strategy for all variations of roulette — including the classic game, which is played with a single ball.

Format & Playing Interface

The game features a video stream of the live wheel with a few simple buttons at the bottom of the screen for making bets and adjusting settings. To the left and right of the betting table, you’ll see options for gold wagers and other features unique to Double Ball roulette.

Playing Features

The roulette rules for Evolution Double Ball are the same as with a traditional game except play is done with two balls on the wheel per round. This is live roulette, so each round is managed by a real croupier standing in front of a physical table. Gameplay is streamed, and the balls are dropped and spun on an actual wheel.

The round starts with betting. The croupier then spins the wheel and drops the two balls used in Evolution Double Ball. Players can continue placing wagers until the call for no more bets. The croupier then announces the winning number and colour. The only new rules you’ll have to learn are the unique betting limits and types for Double Ball Roulette.

For the most part, betting in Evolution Double Ball roulette is the same as any other variation of this game. There are inside bets, where you place chips on the red and black numbers, and outside bets, where you place chips on the pockets outside of the checkered part of the table. These are the types of wagers you can play:

  • Straight bets: Also called a single number or straight up bet, simply place chips on the exact number you think the ball will stop on. Outside of the special gold bets in Evolution Double Ball, this is the most difficult wager to win. However, with two balls on the table, you’re twice as likely to guess correctly compared to games at traditional tables.
  • Split bets: Place chips on the line between two numbers. If either lands, you win.
  • Triangle bets: Also called a “triple bet,” this wager is only an option at European-style tables. Evolution Double Ball follows this variation, featuring a table without the “00” pocket. Put chips on the corner between 0, 1, and 2 or between 0, 2, and 3 to make a triangle bet.
  • Corner bets: Place chips on the corner where four numbers meet to make this type of inside bet.
  • Street bets: The inside part of the table is split into three columns and 12 rows, with the rows facing the player. A street bet is a play on one of these rows, which include three numbers each. You win if the ball stops on a number in your row.
  • Line bets: Also called a six line bet, this play combines a split and a street bet. Place chips at the bottom corner where two rows meet, wagering that the ball will land on one of the six numbers in those two rows.
  • Column bets: You’ll see three “2 to 1” pockets at the right end of the table. Place chips there to make a column bet.
  • Dozen bets: The table’s 12 rows are divided into three sections with pockets labelled “1st 12,” “2nd 12,” and “3rd 12.” Place chips in one or more of those pockets to make a dozen bet.

In Double Ball Roulette, you win an inside bet — such as a corner bet, split bet, or single number bet — if either of the two balls lands on your number. However, to win an outside bet, both balls must land in the right spot. So, if you bet on black, you only win if both balls land on that colour. The odds and payouts are adjusted accordingly for both types of bets, so make sure you understand what’s on the line before playing this type of roulette.

Evolution Double Ball also has two unique types of wagers called gold bets. You can guess that both balls will land on the same number and receive a payout of 35 to 1 if you’re correct. You can also guess which two numbers the balls will land on. If you’re right, you’ll receive a massive return of 1,300 to 1.

Seven Jackpots Verdict

Double Ball Roulette is excellent for a variety of players, whether you want to win conservative bets more often or love the thrill of making an occasional play against long odds. If you’re searching for a variation of roulette that offers surer odds or just want to take a break from traditional tables, check out Evolution Gaming’s Double Ball Roulette.

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