4 New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Your Online Winning


Chief Editor, Felicia Wijkander

Last updated on 20th June 2020

Published: 01/02/2019

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Casino games can take you on a wild ride of ups and downs. A new year offers the chance to look at our gambling habits and strategies and make improvements where needed. This year, make a resolution to improve your online winnings.

Educate Yourself

As with anything else, you can improve your chances of being successful when you are aware of the best practises, rules, and procedures of the game. Learning about your favourite casino games and the strategies that the best players use can help improve your skill. Take the game of blackjack as an example. Blackjack player odds are, of course, in favour of the house, but when those at the table play according to basic strategy, your odds increase significantly.

It can also be useful to know which games have the best player odds. There are even variances among the individual bets you place in a single game. For example, taking the straight bet on roulette has worse odds than sticking with the outside bets. Know the difference between luck and skill. You can avoid games that are more geared toward the house and choose ones that give you a higher advantage.

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Set a Limit

Emotions can get in the way of responsible and successful gaming. Some nights, the odds are just not in your favour, and it is best to walk away and try later. Setting a limit on how much you will spend and when you will walk away is a great way to increase your chances of winning. You might also set a limit on the time you spend playing a particular game. The casino almost always wins in the long run, but if you know when to walk away, you can leave while you are still ahead.

Setting a limit in an online gambling setting is much easier than doing it in a brick-and-mortar casino. A physical casino has many resources to tempt you to stay longer, including free drinks, entertainment, and five-star restaurants.

It is usually the person who goes against the popular bet who walks away with the most profits. When everyone is playing it safe and ignoring the odds, this is the time to take advantage of the low odds, which often pay out higher. This also means avoiding the games that everyone else is playing. It may be tempting to try the penny slots because they are so cheap, but keep in mind that they also pay the least.

Take Advantage of Bonuses

Many online casinos offer perks that can help you get ahead. These perks are often in the form of a welcome bonus. You can collect bonus spins, points, and actual dollars that allow you to play for free. Taking advantage of these bonuses is like betting on someone else’s dollar and is a great way to increase your online winnings.

Make it a resolution to improve your online winnings this year. Learn about the different games, dive deep into the best strategies, and always take advantage of the extras.

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