What’s the Difference: Live Casino vs. Online Casino

Felicia Wijkander
Last updated on 31st January 2020

Published: 01/02/2019

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Live-Casino online casino

There are plenty of ways to gamble, but one popular way of testing your luck on the internet is through live online casinos, which are quite different from the ordinary online casino.

If you’re curious about these two options and which could work best for you, take a look at the differences between them.

Playing With Others

Most online casino gambling options involve the user playing by themselves. For example, if you load up an online slot machine app, you aren’t playing with anyone else. The same applies to the usual online blackjack game, where the dealer is just a computer code generating random cards for you.

Live online casinos, however, combine live streaming with online gambling. A real dealer is delivering cards through the system and multiple players are logged in and playing. Think of live casino games as an online, virtual version of sitting at a real table. The convenience of being able to play from almost anywhere with a good internet connection is an appealing one, and many find the presence of other real players more exciting compared to playing by themselves.

Importance of Internet Connection

As we noted, live casinos require a consistent internet connection for each of the players, or else there is no way to stay connected to the events of the game. If your internet connection cuts out or gets too choppy, you will most likely be kicked out of the game and be unable to continue, which is especially bad if you’re winning. Therefore, the importance of playing at live casinos under a reliable internet connection cannot be overstated.

For some Indian gamblers, a consistent internet connection suitable for using live casinos may be unavailable at their homes, and only specific places offer enough bandwidth and speed to play without risk. If these options aren’t available or appealing, there are always the usual online casino games, which don’t require a strong internet connection and syncing with multiple players. The typical online slot machine game is extremely efficient and functions well on even a poor internet connection.


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Authentic Casino Experience

Most online gambling games use a random number generator to determine results, such as what symbols your reels land on when you play a slot machine. However, live gambling usually involves a real dealer shuffling and displaying cards to each of the players. There is something appealing to many Indian gamblers about actually playing with a dealer, other players, and some degree of real gambling elements, rather than playing a coded piece of software that imitates these factors.

Keep in mind that because live casinos have real dealers and real people, you will be expected to behave under normal casino rules. You will have to be respectful and follow etiquette, such as making decisions swiftly to not waste other players’ time.

Both live casinos and online casinos are exciting ways to wager money and experience the thrill of gambling, and both are more convenient than visiting a physical location. If you are familiar with online casinos and are curious about playing live games online, give them a try. You might consider them a fun supplement to your usual online gambling.

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