The Best Online Casinos for you to play Bingo!

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B-I-N-G-O, B-I-N-G-O, B-I-N-G-O and BINGO was his name-o! We’re very sure that none of us realised that playing Bingo online is a great way to make money until we all became adults and stopped singing about Bingo, the dog. He he.

Bingo continues to be a very popular online casino game as just like every other casino game, Bingo also, is a game of chance. And if it’s your lucky day, your Bingo card may form all the patterns you need and if not, your card may be useless.

Since the 1500s when Bingo originated in Italy, many versions of Bingo have been created. These are also given many names like Housey, Tombala and there are also 90,60 and 30 ball Bingo games. As Bingo spread from country to country across Europe and then to the US, it’s popularity grew. It was initially only played by the wealthy but as time flew, everyone wanted in on this new game of chance. Did you know that Bingo was originally called “Beano” in the US? We’ll tell you more about this at the end of our article.

1| 1XBET

The Best Online Casinos for you to play Bingo!

1XBET is a very popular Indian online casino that has some great slot games, a live casino and also a huge sportsbook. They have millions of gamers logging into their site everyday and making money. Bingo, being an ancient game and also very popular, 1XBET has a dedicated Bingo section.

There are around 20 exclusive Bingo games. These are easy to access under the Bingo section at 1XBET. The games are provided by FLG Games, Pragmatic Play, Ortiz Gaming and Patagonia Gaming.

Patagonia Gaming alone has developed over 10 Bingo games for 1XBET. These include Halloween Groover, Super Pachinko Plus, Candy Bingo, Super Zodiac Bingo and Super Flex Bingo. Ortiz Gaming has also come up with their own versions of Bingo like Triple Bonus, SixBingo, New Triple, MatchMania and Locomodin.

1XBET also has games from FLG Gaming like Bingo 37, Keno, Keno Gold and Fortune 1.5 minutes. With so many variations of one simple game, you may be confused as to which game to pick.

1XBET is first on our list because these games are very unique and are not found in other casinos. As you go through the article you will find that many of the bingo games are the same from one casino to the other.

Bingo Soccer

This version of Bingo is developed by Belatra Games. This game is very easy to understand and play. As soon as the game starts, 30 balls with numbers are drawn. All these numbers are unique. You are given 4 cards (you can choose to have lesser cards) and if the drawn numbers make up for any patterns, they are automatically marked in red. If it is yet to form a winning pattern, it is marked in yellow. You can also draw additional balls after the 30 balls are drawn. The value of the balls will be displayed when you buy them. You can get no more than 14 such balls.

Just A Bingo

This is a Bingo game where the players are given four cards each and the winning patterns are displayed on the top. There are 15 numbers on each card. You can draw 33 balls and when you match with any of the winning patterns, you win. You also get a jackpot if you form a pattern before the 33 balls are drawn.

Quick Bingo

This game has been developed by tom horn gaming. In this game, you are given a card with 15 numbers and you can choose to get another card if you are not satisfied with the first card. You can change any number of cards like this. Once you find a card that you are satisfied with, 90 numbers will be chosen. The quicker you form patterns or even a full house, the more you win!

Firestorm Bingo

This variation of Bingo has been developed by Inbet Games. In a background full of fire like the climax fight in a bollywood movie, you play Firestorm Bingo. You are given four cards with 15 numbers on each of them and the winning patterns are listed on top. When you match the winning pattern on at least one of the cards, you win!

Keep in mind that while very small details like pattern formations, themes or number of boxes or numbers may vary, the basic rules are the same. But you should always check out the rules of each game before you start playing.

So you can see that 1XBET has got the best games from the best gaming providers in one place just for you. So register at 1XBET and get started on Bingo as you have a loooong way to go!


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2| 22BET

screenshot of 2| 22BET

While 22BET is also a popular online casino with a huge collection of live games and a very active sportsbook, they should take their time and amp up their site so that its best features are highlighted.

The Bingo games at 22BET are all hidden under the casino games section. But it seems like there wasn’t much to hide in the first place. 22BET has 4 Bingo games to be precise – Bingo90, Bingo Machine, Extra Bingo and Penalty Bingo.


In Bingo90, you are given a strip with 6 Bingo tickets that have 15 numbers in each of them. Numbers 1 through 90 are written in each strip. You have to create patterns on your tickets and claim the line or lines win or even a full house. Come on, it may be your lucky day!

Bingo Machine

This is a classic bingo game with a twist. In Bingo machine, players can play with any number of tickets as the machine will keep track of all the emerging patterns for them. This is very exciting as you are not tied down by your human limitations. Sky’s the limit!

Extra Bingo

The game layout consists of 80 numbers from 1 to 80. Players can choose 20 numbers from them and then start praying that your number gets picked. The balls are picked and if your chosen numbers are picked, they are marked with a red flag and if not, they are marked in white. Depending on the number of chosen numbers, you may win or lose!

Penalty Bingo

Penalty Bingo combines the chance of Bingo with the fun of a penalty shootout in football. In this game, you first choose the betting money and then kick a ball in the direction and with the power of your choosing and it hits a screen kind of thing with symbols on the. The more lines you form, the more you win. Try and form 5 lines and you will get a huge bonus prize and also 10 times your initial bet!

Head on to 22BET and play these Bingo variants and have fun!


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3| betpukka

screensot of betpukka

Betpukka is one of the fastest growing online casinos in India. It has a wholesome collection of games with everything from Starburst to Live Blackjack.

Their Bingo section falls under slots and has 7 variations of Bingo to be precise. These include Extra Bingo, classic bingo, Super Hot Bingo, Flex Bingo, Candy Bingo and Candy Bingo 3D and Farm Bingo.

They are all provided by masters in the field like Multislot, Patagonia and Wazdan. Each of these games comes with a twist and we have highlighted the unique features of these games below.

Extra Bingo

Extra Bingo is just like the one under 22BET. In this game you get to choose from the consecutive numbers on a ticket. The more of these numbers that are picked, the more you win. If your chosen numbers get picked, they are automatically marked so you don’t miss out on anything.

Classic Bingo

In this game of classic bingo, players are given a strip with 8 sheets that contain numbers from 1 to 75. But instead of forming the usual lines, players need to form various patterns like the monkey, dollar, cent etc to win. This sure does spice things up!

Super Hot Bingo

Super Hot Bingo is similar to Bingo 90. But you are given 60 numbers to play with. The initial draw consists of 33 balls and you can also win 10 extra balls after that. These extra balls are given to you automatically once the 33 balls are over. If you win before the 33 balls draw is over, you stand to win the jackpot prize!

Super Flex Bingo

Similar to Super Hot Bingo, Super Flex Bingo is also a 90 ball bingo game. There are 60 random numbers available for play. The initial draw consists of 30 balls as opposed to the 33 balls in Super Hot Bingo. It is not surprising that these games are similar since they have both been developed by Patagonia Entertainment.

Candy Bingo

This yummy and colourful candy themed Bingo game is just right for every mood. Also developed by Patagonia Entertainment, this game is also a 90 ball Bingo game with 60 numbers. However, there are 34 balls after which you may win 10 extra balls. This game also allows you to win 3 extra spins!

Farm Bingo

This game may trigger your B-I-N-G-O the farm dog memories a little better, if you have not recalled the catchy rhyme yet. Farm Bingo is a 75 ball bingo game that has 75 numbers. Mind you, the numbers may be repeated among the tickets. While this increases your chances of winning, you must be very careful.

4| Nomini Casino

screenshot of Nomini Casino

Nomini casino is a fast growing fruit-themed casino that is hard to forget. They are steadily increasing the number of games that they have from the best gaming providers.

They have a good collection of Bingo games on their online casino. They have around 15 games which is much better than betpukka’s six. Hehe. And these 15 games are all very varied and are based on different themes. We have listed the distinguishing features of some of them below.

Jester Bingo

This version of Bingo is provided by Casino Technology. This clown themed bingo game may remind you about the recent Joker movie. If you haven’t seen it, you should. We highly recommend it. Anyway, in this game of Jester Bingo, the player is given 4 cards with 15 numbers on each of them. And 30 balls are drawn from a 60 ball drum. The game has exciting features like a bonus wild ball and also some extra balls that may help you win.

Rio Bingo

Developed by PariPlay, this game of Bingo you can play up to 12 cards in each round. All you have to do is try two win single or multiple lines or even a full house with each card. Each line or pattern win in each card will win you a random prize!

Bingo Bonanza

This game has been developed by Microgaming. In Bingo Bonanza, rather than the usual numbers on the cards, there is a list that goes x1, x2, x5, x10 etc. And balls with these same symbols are picked. When you get 2 of the same, you win that line. Sounds easy, right?

Electro Bingo

Electro Bingo has been developed by Microgaming and in this bingo variant, the winning patterns are listed on the top and players are given four cards with 15 numbers in each of them. Form the winning patterns in any of the cards to win. Keep in mind that different patterns stand to win different prizes!

The same game with different themes created by Microgaming are also available on Nomini. This includes Mayan Bingo, Pharaoh Bingo and Samba Bingo. Mayan Bingo has a Mayan temple and sculptures kind of vibe while Pharaoh Bingo is completely Egyptian and pyramid themed.

Sassy Bingo

This is a fun video slot machine provided by Microgaming. There are 9 paylines that can be selected, 3 rows and 5 reels. The regular fruits look sassy with Bingo numbers on them. Three consecutive “Sassy Bingo” symbols will win you a bonus which is a game of bingo!

You would have noticed that the games at Nomini  casino are much more diverse than those at the other online casinos. Kudos to Nomini for that!

5| NYSpins

screenshot of NYspins

Founded in 2016, NYSpins has over 700 games that include slots, live casino games and table games. They also have some Bingo games that have been developed by Microgaming. Let us look at these games below.

Electro Bingo

This game is also available at Nomini casino. In this game, the players are given 4 cards with 15 numbers on each of them and the players have to match the winning pattern on a minimum of one of these cards.

Microgaming has also developed Mayan Bingo and Samba Bingo with similar gameplay but they have different themes.

Super Bonus Bingo

This is a video slot in which players can get up to 10 balls in each game. The balls are drawn randomly. The game is played on a huge board that displays numbers 1 through 80. There are 80 balls available from which 20 balls are drawn at random as soon as the game starts. After the game, you can also choose to get 2 more bonus balls in exchange for credits. All you have to do is try to get as many hits as you can on the active Payout Schedule. You can bet from 2 to 10 balls in this game. Cool no?

Sassy Bingo

This version of Bingo is essentially a slot machine which has 9 paylines, 5 reels and 3 rows. The fruits have bingo numbers on them and similar lines will make you win. There are also plenty of bonuses available to win.

6| Gate777 Casino

screenshot of Gate777 Casino

Gate777 has a good selection of over 1200 games to offer their customers. This is a usual mix of slot machines, table games and live dealer games. Gate777 has one variant of Bingo called Reely Bingo that has been developed by Leander Games.

You can play this game as a proper video slot or also play a game of bingo on the side. Just like any other slot, you will win prizes when you land on the same symbols in a line. The symbols in this game are bingo balls with different numbers. The soundtrack of the game is sprinkled with some tasteful jazz.

7| Genesis Casino

screenshot of Genesis Casino

In this very festive looking casino there are more than 1300 games available for you to play. The casino is very welcoming and accepts INR which is great. As far as Bingo is concerned, Genesis Casino has 4 different variations.

They are all provided by Microgaming and like we already covered are pretty similar to each other.

Samba Bingo

This is a bingo game in which there are 4 cards with 15 numbers in each of them. There are also some winning patterns listed on top so all you have to do is match the winning patterns with at least one card. Mayan Bingo is the same game with a Mayan temple theme.

Bingo Bonanza

Instead of the classic number drawing Bingo, in this game you have a list that says x1, x2, x5, x10, x15 etc and you will get balls with such numbers written on them. And two of the same constitute a winning line. This is a very popular Bingo variant.

Sassy Bingo

This is a typical video slot game in which the fruits are riddled with bingo balls. You have to play it just like slots but three consecutive “Sassy Bingo” signs mean that you have won a bonus.

8| Lucky Casino

screenshot of Lucky Casino

Lucky casino has a variety of games that add up to more than 1000. They are known for their instant deposits and their super fast withdrawals.

When it comes to Bingo, Lucky casino has four Bingo games. None of which are different from the ones we have seen above. This is probably because gaming providers like Microgaming are so popular that all popular sites want to get their games from them.

Bingo Bonanza

This is just like Bingo, except that instead of cards with numbers there are just some symbols like x5, x10, x20 etc with 2 positions next to them. When a ball with x5 drops, one of the positions next to x5 gets filled. When another x5 ball drops and both the spots get filled, it is a winning line.

Super Bonus Bingo

Players can earn a maximum of 10 balls in each game of this video slot machine. These balls are drawn in random. The card has numbers from 1 to 80 and there are 80 balls out of which only 20 are drawn. You can also choose to draw 2 more balls in lieu of credits. Players are allowed to bet between 2 and 10 balls in Super Bonus Bingo.

Electro Bingo

In this game of bingo, players are given 4 cards with 15 numbers on each of them. There is a line on top that displays all the winning patterns that can be formed and their corresponding values. All you have to do is to try and get a matching pattern on at least one of your cards. If not all four. Hehe.

Mayan Bingo is very similar to this but it has a Mayan theme.

9| Regent Casino

screenshot of Regent Casino

Founded in 2018, this newcomer has over 400 games for us to play and win. Three of these games are Bingo games and they are a little different from the usual mix we have seen so far. And that is pretty impressive considering that they only have around 400 games in total.

The three Bingo games include Bingo, Bubble Bingo and Bingo Bonanza. While Bingo Bonanza is the one with spots next to x5, x10 and x15 that need to be filled with drawn balls that even Lucky Casino and Genesis Casino have, the other Bingo variants are a little different. Especially Bubble Bingo.


In this game, players are given cards with 15 to 30 numbers on them. All you have to do is create a pattern that matches with the winning patterns with the numbers that have been drawn. Sounds pretty simple right? You can also win the jackpot if you match a pattern or finish a full house before all the balls are drawn.

Bubble Bingo

In this version of Bingo, there is a bubble from which the drawn balls are dropped and you have 4 cards with 25 numbers on each of them. Once all the 25 balls are drawn, the bubble bursts and you can see the patterns that you’ve formed. If there are any winning patterns, you will win. You will also get a bonus if you match a winning pattern before the bubble bursts. Sounds pretty fun right? Don’t bring a needle closeby!

10| Lottoland

screenshot of Lottoland

Lottoland is one of the most popular online casinos for lottery games in India. The site is completely customised keeping the preferences of Indian audiences in mind. So much so that even their banners and ads are in Hindi. And while reviewing Lottoland we also found that they accept payments in INR and also offer support in Hindi.

And after having checked out so many Bingo games on so many online casinos for this article, it was a breath of fresh air to find that Lottoland first displays the features and rules of the game when it is clicked on.

On all other casinos, the games usually load which shows us that these casinos assume that people just know the game. However, even these casinos have game rules but you just have to go digging for it. No other casino serves game rules and instructions on a platter like Lottoland does.

As far as Bingo goes, Lottoland has just one Bingo game which is Rio Bingo. We have explained it below.

Rio Bingo

This version of Bingo has been developed by PariPlay. In this game, you can play with a maximum of 12 cards simultaneously which increases the odds of your win by a great deal. A total of 90 balls are available for you to play, 45 of which fall as soon as the game starts. The subsequent balls are drawn at each round and players win prizes for single lines, double lines and for full houses as well.

This version of Bingo is only available at Lottoland and Nomini casino. Which makes it pretty rare. It’s probably because you get to play with 12 cards at the same time. Anyway, check it out on Lottoland for the ultimate user experience especially if you are Indian! He he.


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11| Sir Jackpot

screenshot of Sir Jackpot

Sir Jackpot is an out and out jackpot casino as the name suggests. Not that popular in early 2019, people are now beginning to check it out, especially because of their massive collection of jackpot games.

We have reviewed them and come to the conclusion that Sir Jackpot is one of the best jackpot sites out there. But now let us discuss their Bingo games. They have two Bingo games. One very familiar to us and another one which is making its first appearance in this article! Ha ha.

Bingo Billions

Not essentially a “Bingo” game, this is a Bingo themed slot game from Nextgen Gaming. All the slot symbols are Bingo themed. You have to find at least 3 if not 5 matching symbols. The prizes begin when you find 6 different balls and this prize could be anywhere from 5 to 200 coins. Whaaaat? We know.

And in this quest, if you find some of the bingo themed items of higher value like the bingo cards, you can even win 750 coins. If you find 5 of these items on a played line, you stand to win 1500 coins.

There are three bonus symbols called Wild, Scatter and the free game feature symbols which all serve different purposes. The wild symbols gives you an instant bonus of up to 5000 coins when you can match five on a winning line. Apart from this, they can also replace all the base symbols of the game. The scatter symbols on the other hand can multiply your bet amount up to even a whopping 100 times and can also award you with huge bonuses whenever they appear. The last free games feature is activated only when at least 3 symbols appear on the reels at the same time which will win you 10 free games, 4 symbols will win you 15 while 5 symbols will get you 20 free games! While this feature is active, even all your prizes are tripled!

Bingo Bonanza

This game is available on Nomini casino, Regent casino, Genesis casino and also Lucky casino. So you can see how sought after it is. Players have a card with two positions next to numbers such as x1, x2, x5, x10 etc. Every time a ball with these numbers are drawn, a position gets filled. Fill all the positions for the huge win! Sounds very simple, right?

12| ReloadBet Casino

screenshot of ReloadBet Casino

ReloadBet is one of those casinos that has everything. There are more than 1000 games and they have slot machines, table games, a live casino and also a sportsbook. Bingo is the dust in the universe that is ReloadBet casino.

This dust comprises of 2 different Bingo games which include Super Bonus Bingo and Spingo. While Super Bonus Bingo seems familiar, Spingo sounds new and exciting, don’t you think?

Super Bonus Bingo

Super Bonus Bingo is a game that also available at Lucky Casino. Having been developed by Microgaming, this is one of the most sought after Bingo variants right now. In this game, you can get up to 10 balls in each round. All these balls are drawn at random. There are a total of 80 balls just like there are 80 numbers on the card and out of these 80 balls, only 20 are picked. You can bet from 2 to 10 balls in this game.


Spingo is a play on the words “Spin” and “Bingo” which kinda combines the fun of playing roulette and bingo. If you have played roulette before, Spingo would be a cakewalk for you. The main goal of the game is to correctly predict the number on the bingo draw and the resultant number after the spin of the wheel.

The game is played with 21 balls. Each of the numbers 1 to 10 are written on 2 balls which accounts for 20 balls and the remaining 1 ball has a 0 on it. Now that we have got the bingo out of the way, let’s focus on the roulette part of Spingo.

The wheel has 25 pockets in total. The colours yellow, red and blue are on 8 pockets each which accounts for 24 pockets and the remaining 1 pocket is coloured green.

Knowing this, all you have to do is make predictions for each round that brings together bingo and roulette!

13| Showlion

screenshot of Showlion

Established in 2016, Showlion has roared loudly in the Indian subcontinent for the last three years. The casino has been improving steadily since then and is now one of the leading casinos in India.

They have a good collection of Bingo games. They are all developed by Microgaming and is very similar to the bingo games available at Nomini casino. They have Mayan Bingo, Electro Bingo, Pharaoh Bingo, Sassy Bingo and Super Bonus Bingo.

Electro Bingo

Under Electro Bingo, the players are given 4 cards with 15 numbers in each of them. On the top of the gaming screen there are some winning patterns with which the patterns on the cards have to match. Each of the winning patterns have different values. For example, a line has a lesser value than an X. So, all you have to do is get a winning pattern on at least one of your cards if not all of them. Depending on the winning pattern that you have formed, your winnings may differ.

Mayan Bingo and Pharaoh Bingo are very similar to this. Only their themes are different. Mayan Bingo follows a Mayan theme while Pharaoh Bingo follows an Egyptian theme.

Sassy Bingo

This is a bingo themed slot game where even the fruits are adorned with Bingo number balls. With 5 reels and 3 rows, this is played like a regular slots game but keep in mind that 3 “Sassy Bingo” symbols will win you a bonus!

Super Bonus Bingo

This game is available at NYSpins, ReloadBet and Lucky Casino. Super Bonus Bingo is provided by Microgaming and the rules are pretty simple. Players are eligible for 10 balls in each round. These balls are drawn at random. There are 80 balls and 80 numbers on the card. Out of the 80 balls, only 20 are drawn and players can bet from 2 to 10 balls in the game.


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14| mr. play Casino

screenshot of mr. play Casino

mr. play casino has a very interactive site that informs you about all available bonuses and new games as soon as you log in. It also has pretty girls with photoshopped moustaches on them, if that’s your kind of thing. *wink wink*

They have a good collection of slot games, live dealer games and scratch cards as well. As far as their bingo section is concerned, they have 3 bingo games – Bingo, Bingo Bonanza and Bubble Bingo.


This game has three scratch cards with numbers, a board with numbers from 1 to 75 and balls to be drawn. Once you spin the wheel, 15 balls ranging from 1 to 75 will be drawn. If the 5 numbers in any one of your scratch cards match the numbers that were drawn, you will win the prize mentioned on that card. But keep in mind that even if you win two cards, only one prize can be won. Sigh.

Bingo Bonanza

This game is available at Nomini casino, Lucky casino, Regent Casino and at Sir Jackpot.

The goal of the game is to create a row of matching numbers on at least 1 ticket before the 60 balls are drawn. The win per card is determined by the first Bingo line which is formed when 2 positions of a certain number is filled. Once you reach Bingo, the win will be determined by the card price and the winning multiplier.

Bubble Bingo

This game is also found at Regent Casino. There is a huge bubble in the middle of the screen from which balls are drawn and 4 different tickets with 25 numbers on each of them. That sure does remind you of playing bingo on the last page of your notebook during math class doesn’t it? Anyway, a total of 25 balls will be drawn during gameplay and once it is drawn, the bubble will burst and if you have any winning patterns, get ready to collect your prize! Players who match a winning pattern before the bubble bursts will get a bonus as well!

15| Dafabet

screenshot of Dafabet

Dafabet has a lot of games from gaming provider Playtech and their Bingo game is also one of them. The fact that they have just one bingo game – Pop Bingo comes as no surprise as we all know that Dafabet focuses on their sportsbook more than their casino section. Let us see what Pop Bingo is all about.

Pop Bingo

Pop Bingo is played with a board that has numbers from 1 to 90. All you have to do is choose the betting amount in the bottom left corner of the game screen. There is a bingo card by default on your screen. If you are not satisfied with it, you can get a new one by clicking on “New Card”. You can keep changing your  card until you get one that you are satisfied with.

When you click Play, the machine begins to draw balls. You can see the number of balls that have been drawn above the bingo card. Your win is determined by the total number of balls that are required to fill the card. Seems like a different take on Bingo, no? Try playing it on Dafabet.


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screenshot of

While reviewing we found that it is one of the handful of online casinos that allow you to register and play without depositing any money. Although it was established in 2008, is yet to find its place in the Indian market.

They have a variety of daily jackpot games, slots, table games and live casino games. In the Bingo arena, has two Bingo games – Beetle Bingo Scratch and Pop Bingo.

Beetle Scratch Bingo

Beetle Scratch Bingo is a beetle themed bingo game with scratch cards to spice things up. But you would have guessed this from the name of the game. Anyway, this game has three scratch cards with a series of numbers and its corresponding value. You can scratch these and reveal these numbers. There is also a board with numbers from 1 to 75. And 15 balls can be drawn (these balls will also range from 1 to 75). If the numbers on the balls that were drawn match the series of 5 numbers on any of the three scratch cards, you will win the corresponding prize mentioned on the card. Sounds fun, right?

Pop Bingo

This variation of Bingo involves numbers from 1 to 90 on a board. Players have to choose their betting amount from the bottom left corner of the Pop Bingo screen. Also, you will see that there is a bingo card on your screen already. You can choose to proceed with this or you can change your bingo card.  Once gameplay commences, the balls will be drawn. The numbers that have been drawn will be displayed above your Bingo card. The total number of balls that you need to fill your card will determine the outcome of the game.

17| Karamba Casino

screenshot of Karamba Casino

This online casino has EVERYTHING! They have video slots and live casino games and also offer live betting in their sports section. They have 3 Bingo games under the casino category which include Bingo, Bingo Bonanza and Bubble Bingo. These games are available on other casinos like Zet casino, Argo Casino, Mr. Play Casino and Regent Casino.

18| Argo Casino

screenshot of Argo Casino

This ship themed casino has over 1000 games that you can get your hands on. They have a good collection of slot games, table games, sportsbook and live casino games. Argo casino is the total package.

And as expected, they have a good collection of Bingo games as well. They have around 9 Bingo games which include Super Bonus Bingo, Samba Bingo, Pharaoh Bingo, Bingo Bonanza, Electro Bingo, Mayan Bingo and Sassy Bingo. All of these games are available on other casinos like Nomini casino, Regent casino and Lucky casino mentioned above. Bingo games that are unique to Argo include Park Bingo and Hot Bingo. Let’s see what this is.

Park Bingo

This game is developed by Play‘n GO. There are four cards available to players for gameplay. These cards can be toggled on and off if you click on them. You can also choose to get a new card if you are not happy with them. There are a total of 90 balls out of which 30 balls will be drawn. You can view the winning patterns on the cards. After all the 30 balls have been drawn, you can choose to get an extra ball as well. However, you get to win the jackpot if you match patterns before the 30 balls are drawn. You can also purchase 10 extra balls if you’re feeling a little lucky. There are also “gift” balls that are given to players at random.

Hot Bingo

This game is also provided by Play’n GO. Just like Park Bingo, there are 4 cards and you can change the cards if you don’t like them. You can draw 33 balls from 90 balls and the winning combos will be displayed on the cards. You can get an extra ball after all the 33 balls have been released when you need just 1 ball to finish a bingo pattern or even a double line. You can buy a maximum of 9 extra balls at a price that will be displayed on the screen.

At Argo Casino, you can also try out the demo versions of these games before heading for some serious Bingo with real money.

19| 10CRIC

screenshot of 10CRIC

While 10CRIC is primarily known for its sportsbook in India, their casino section scores no lesser in comparison. They have slot games, table games and live casino games and their casino games include a good collection of Bingo games.

Electro Bingo, Mayan Bingo, Samba Bingo and Pharaoh Bingo have all been developed by Microgaming and are very similar to each other except for variations in themes. They have two new bingo games called Doggy Reel Bingo and Fruit Bingo, which are both bingo themed slot games and are very similar. These games have been developed by Microgaming as well.

Doggy Reel Bingo

This game is a package that has three aspects rolled into one – Dog Show, roulette and Bingo. We already came across a roulette and bingo combination in Spingo which is available on ReloadBet. There are many cool symbols that sit well with the theme like dog collars, bones, treats and kennels. There is also a cool feature called “nudge” that you can click on when you want to bring out non-recurring symbols that may help you win. Fingers crossed. This game is perfect for everyone as the betting range varies from $0.10 to $10 per spin.


Get up to ₹60,000 EXTRA to play with!

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  • Local Indian brand
  • Roulette, Teen Patti & Andar Bahar games

20| Zet Casino

screenshot of Zet Casino

Zet casino looks like a casino straight out of a movie. And considering that this casino is owned by the same guys who own Nomini casino, it is hard to believe. Especially because Nomini has such a bright and colourful interface.

Zet casino has a bunch of Bingo games that are also available on Nomini and some other casinos. These include Jester Bingo, Rio Bingo and Bingo Bonanza. These are all available on Nomini but Zet casino seems to have a variation of Bingo called Bingo Fast that we have not come across. So let’s see what that’s about.

Bingo Fast

This is just another version of Quick Bingo that is available at 1XBet. You are given a card and 90 numbers are drawn. The quicker the patterns you form, the more you win. That is, lesser the numbers drawn when you form your pattern, the more you win.

We hope you are heading straight to play Bingo in one of these casinos. You can register on any of these casinos for free and start playing!

Now we have the Bingo “Beano” trivia for you like we promised. Bingo was the rage in the early 1900s in the USA. But instead of striking out the numbers like we did back in school, players used to cover the called out numbers with beans. And they would should out “Beano” when they formed a pattern.

According to Legend, a toymaker by the name of Edwin S. Lowe hosted a “Beano” Party and one of his guests got very excited and yelled out “Bingo” instead of “Beano” and the name stuck. Wonder if something that we yell incorrectly would stick? Mmmm.