The Thrill of Trying Something New

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Last updated on 8th December 2020

Published: 24/01/2019

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When you first enter the world of Indian online slots, everything is new and exciting — the graphics, the jackpots, the variety, and the pace. After a few months or years of playing, however, it’s easy to fall into a rut. The thrill fades and your favorite slots just don’t seem as fun as they used to. If that’s where you’re at, don’t worry! This progression is only natural and it doesn’t have to be permanent. Not only is it possible to recapture that initial excitement, but it’s also easy! All you have to do is try something new.

Keep an Open Mind

We know, we know — you’ve already tried dozens of different online slots and you chose this one for a reason. That makes sense. Everyone has a favorite slot or two, and the more experimenting you’ve done in the past, the surer you’ll be that you picked the best slot for you. But, with hundreds of slots available online, you might want to ask yourself: how can you be sure there isn’t something better out there? When you run across a recommendation or promotion, give that new slot a chance. It might surprise you.

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Let Chance Decide

For an extra dose of surprise, let chance decide your next slot. Log into your favourite Indian online casino and play the first slot you see. Sort the slots from A-Z or with the newest first and pick a number between one and 50. Start counting and click on whichever slot corresponds with the number you chose. You could even use a random number generator to help you make your selection.

Shake Things Up

If you feel stuck, look for ways to shake things up. That could mean trying a new kind of slot or perhaps taking a break to try some table games, like poker or roulette. If you’re used to classic slots, try one of the more intricate video slots. Find a slot that offers fun bonus games, an interesting theme, or more ways to bet. Switch from slots with a fixed jackpot to progressive slots, or vice versa. Higher stakes or more frequent wins might be enough to get your heart racing again.

Jump Ship

Trying new or different slots online isn’t all you can do to alleviate your boredom. You can also try a new casino. Although you’ll see some overlap in games from one casino to another, no two online casinos are exactly alike. You’ll find several Indian casinos to choose from, with different promotions and features at each.

Signing up at a new casino will be like going back to the beginning, complete with welcomes bonuses, a fresh slate, and new games to try. Of course, if your schedule and budget allow, you can also plan a trip to a brick-and-mortar casino — almost like a pilgrimage.

No matter how long you’ve been playing slots online, there’s always more to discover. Follow the tips above and experience the thrill of trying something new. Even if your new picks fall short of your old favorites, you won’t regret branching out. Different isn’t always better, but it is always exciting.

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